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Help feed Bim and Bam for a year

Bim and Bam were found by forest rangers when they were only a few weeks old. Their mother didn’t return to their den and sadly it is likely she died or was killed. Bim and Bam would have faced certain death if they had been left alone in the wild and not rescued by our partner sanctuary.

Thanks to people like you, the cubs were properly looked after and had two dedicated carers bottle-feeding them on goat’s milk with egg, yolk and honey. At the age of 14 months, they now live in a young bear enclosure. They constantly play and fight with each other, like all young bears do.

Bim and Bam are growing every day and need more and more food to stay happy and healthy. Like all the bears at the sanctuary, they now eat a varied diet of fresh fruit, vegetables, bread and the occasional chicken. Plus, in the summer months, they get a special treat: frozen blocks made from cream, fruit and honey.

You could help feed Bim and Bam for a year, so they mature into healthier and stronger adult bears. Give a gift and together we can reach our goal. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we are delighted to have already secured funds to feed several bears for a year, including Maya, Max and Graeme. Please help feed Bim and Bam too.

Video by: World Animal Protection
Meet Bim and Bam