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Save 50 innocent dogs

The most effective ways to protect dogs in communities is to move governments worldwide to end the inhumane culling of millions of dogs each year – because mass dog vaccination is the only proven solution to rabies. Your gift could provide rabies vaccines for 50 dogs and protect them from being killed to prevent the disease from spreading.

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Animals in communities | World Animal Gifts
Animals in communities | World Animal Gifts
Save 50 innocent dogs | World Animal Gifts
Save 50 innocent dogs | World Animal Gifts
  • Saving puppies from rabies

    In 2016, we celebrated our one millionth rabies vaccination, Bruno was one of the lucky dogs to be protected from the deadly disease.  She lives with the Mutui family in Kenya and is learning to be a guard dog; and will alert them to other animals and visitors. Joseph Mutui says, "she's a protector, whenever she's around I feel ok." Bruno is very friendly, she greets Joseph when he comes home from work and she plays with other dogs and children. Joseph thinks it’s important to keep Bruno protected from rabies and tells his neighbours to vaccinate their dogs, too. Bruno is one lucky dog, and we are even luckier to know her.

    Joseph Mutui holding Bruno | World Animal Protection

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