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Heal two bears

Bears belong in the wild but too often they are stolen, trapped and tortured for entertainment and traditional medicine. Across Asia and in Europe, we work to stop bears being cruelly exploited for bear dancing, bear bile and in bear baiting – an inhumane blood sport where bears, unable to defend themselves, battle against trained dogs for entertainment. Your gift could help provide medication for rescued bears, keeping them healthy on the road to recovery.

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Animals in the wild | World Animal Gifts
Animals in the wild | World Animal Gifts
Heal two bears | World Animal Gifts
Heal two bears - World Animal Gifts
  • Our work with bears

    Last year, a five-year old male bear was brought to the Balkasar sanctuary In Pakistan in a very poor condition. Just barely breathing, he couldn’t move his rear legs, and had one of his front paws amputated. Anokha is spending time in quarantine until he’s healthy enough to be released in the main sanctuary. The only way to end the cycle of abuse for bears like Anokha is to provide bear owners with a different means of making an income. In 2016, seven bear owners benefited from our alternative livelihood programme. They’ve all signed an agreement saying they’ll never purchase another bear again.

    Balkasar sanctuary In Pakistan | World Animal Gifts

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