Gifts over $50

  • A World Animal Protection veterinarian treating a goat in Chile after flooding in the area
    Help farm animals affected by disaster. You could give 100 cattle, donkeys or goats essential medicine after a disaster. Your gift can go into action as soon as disasters hit. 
  • Feed a hungry bear for a month
    How do you help a healing bear? Food is high on the agenda! Choose this gift to keep a rescued bear fed and healthy.
  • $100
    When animal safety and welfare are at stake, we pour our hearts and resources into helping. 
  • $125
    In Communities
    Give rabies vaccines to 125 dogs, and you could help protect them from the practice of killing dogs to prevent the disease from spreading. 
  • $589
    Your gift could cover the cost of transporting a bear rescued from the horrific 'sport' of bear baiting into the safety of our Balkasar sanctuary.
  • $2,375
    When disaster strikes, your gift will allow five vets to strap on backpacks filled with antibiotics and critical medical supplies, giving them the flexibility to traverse damaged roads and challenging terrain. These packs could help 500 cattle or up to 1500 pigs survive disasters.
    A group gift is a fun way to give a gift. When you create a group gift, you get your family, friends, or coworkers to buy it together. You choose a date, the occasion, and who it's for, then get people to join in.