Gifts $30 - $50

  • $35
    Let us be your eyes, hands, and expertise in shaping a brighter world for animals. 
  • $38
    Your gift could help provide medication for rescued bears, keeping them healthy whilst on the road to recovery.
  • Feed animals in times of distress | World Animal Gifts
    Help animals survive a disaster. Your gift could provide one-week of life-saving feed for five cattle or pigs when disaster strikes.
  • Go where the need is the greatest | World Animal Protection
    When animal safety and welfare are at stake, we pour our hearts and resources into helping. 
  • Help abused sloths recover | World Animal Protection
    With this gift, you could provide food and veterinary care to sloths rescued from a life of cruelty and abuse in the hands of the tourism industry.
  • $50
    In Communities
    Your gift could provide rabies vaccines for 50 dogs, and protect them from being killed to prevent the disease from spreading. Mass dog vaccination is the only proven solution to rabies. 
  • Elephant | World Animal Protection
    With this gift, you could help educate tourists that it's never okay to ride an elephant. 
  • $52
    How do you help a healing bear? Food is high on the agenda! You could help keep a rescued bear fed for two weeks.