• Piglets at a higher welfare indoor farm in the Netherlands
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Fund humane farming for pigs

Up to 1.2 billion piglets a year are born into a living nightmare. All over the world, in industrial farms, piglets have their tails cut off and their teeth ground down. Their ears are notched, and they are castrated, all this without pain relief.

Pigs spend their entire lives alone, bored and cramped into barren cages!

But they needn’t suffer to provide us with pork meat. Your compassionate gift to support our Raise Pigs Right campaign could help move supermarkets and food suppliers to give pigs and piglets lives worth living.

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Animals in farming | World Animal Gifts
Animals in farming | World Animal Gifts
Piglets at a higher welfare indoor farm in the Netherlands
Piglets at a higher welfare indoor farm in the Netherlands
  • Our progress in Brazil

    In Brazil, we’ve been working closely with farmers to understand their needs and challenges when it comes to improving animal welfare. We found that one of the biggest barriers was simply a lack of awareness – many farmers had no idea you could raise pigs in a kinder way, while still running a successful business.

    That’s when we began working with two of Brazil’s biggest pork producers, BRF and JBS who, together, farm about 30% of all pigs in Brazil. We educated them on better farming practices and they’ve now become two positive examples of how to Raise Pigs Right. They’ve already phased out ear notching, with surgical castration and pregnancy cages to be stopped by 2026.

    HSA Campaign Officer Daniel Cruz holding a piglet

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