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Let us be your eyes, hands, and expertise in shaping a brighter world for animals. Your gift allows us to keep advocating with governments, stakeholders, and communities to end animal cruelty. For instance, World Animal Protection has introduced a new National Code of Practices for Management of Dairy Animals in India.
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  • Giving India’s cows better lives

    Despite their sacred and protected status, many dairy cows in India have a harsh life – particularly those kept in packed urban areas. Up to 50 million dairy animals – cows and buffaloes – are suffering every day in unacceptable conditions. To tackle the problem our India team have been working hard, pressing for better lives for India’s dairy animals. We’ve had some great successes. We've already achieved an important milestone with the introduction of India's first National Code of Practices for Management of Dairy Animals. It covers recommended housing requirements, space allowance, good practices for providing water for the animals, and the type and frequency of feed that they need.
    Giving India’s cows better lives World Animal Gifts
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